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We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers , and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting , making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Elaine O.

Dealing with hearing loss has been very life-changing for me. When I realized my hearing was below normal, and getting worse, I obtained hearing aids through a company that assured me that was the best that could be done to improve my hearing. They were never satisfactory, and as the years passed, I had more difficulty hearing in many situations, and eventually I felt I would have to give up taking part in many aspects of life: could not hear the sermon in church; could watch TV only with “closed captions”; attending meetings was pointless; was so frustrated if visiting my family if there were more that 2 or 3 people present; no more going to the theatre, and I often needed a companion to interpret for me in restaurants or shopping excursions. I felt so isolated and frustrated because to others, I appeared to be stupid and difficult to deal with!!!

At a very low period, I saw an ad in the newspaper for an “open house” at Quality Hearing and after attending one day, felt it worthwhile exploring the possibility of finding something better in hearing aids. After a very encouraging interview with Ron Villeneuve, I really was hopeful that better hearing aids might be possible!

After the testing, the mold making, fitting and practicing to use them I can truly say that with my new hearing aids, my hearing has improved so much that I feel “normal” again and my life has become filled with joy at taking part in everything again. Although they were expensive, I feel no amount of money I could afford, would be too much to receive such an improvement. My “trial period” is almost up, but there is no way I will give them back!

My thanks to the Villeneuves and Quality Hearing for their superb attention and services. You really are offering the highest “Quality” of care. I am a very satisfied customer!

T. Gross, Harris

My hearing aids work great. If I had known they were this good I would have gotten them earlier. The service has been super and all my questions and concerns have been dealt with at each visit.

J. Ewert, Saskatoon

Ron was very great and helpful in helping me find the best option to help my hearing problem. He also was very patient, when I was conflicted on which path I wanted to take in regards to my hearing loss. He goes the extra mile to make sure I got the best hearing aid and is very concerned in making sure it works properly. Thanks to all the staff for being so helpful.

J. Dyck, Saskatoon

At Quality Hearing Centre I got a pair of quality hearing aids provided by quality service that I feel good about.

M. Dyck, Saskatoon

I certainly think that you are a very caring couple, and from now on if I notice someone that has a problem hearing, I will recommend Quality Hearing Centre. Thank you so much for your service, and the gift of hearing better.

L. Schrader, Saskatoon

After being diagnosed with mild to moderate hearing loss I decided to get tested at Quality Hearing Centre and purchased hearing aids. I was amazed at the sounds I was missing, (in chimes of the clock and squeaky floors). It’s great not to have to ask people to repeat themselves. Also to know all stories you hear are not always true, ex; background noise such as children’s voices and bag pipes can be filtered out. The new technology in hearing aids is amazing.

L. Fesyk, Glaslyn

Why live with hearing loss when there is advanced technology that will greatly improve your life? Going for a hearing test in October and being fitted with a pair of Starkey hearing aids has changed my life dramatically. Straining to hear conversations, hearing the wrong words, asking people to repeat themselves and missing or misunderstanding a lot of what is being said are mostly a thing of the past. For me it has been an investment that has paid off in ways money can’t buy. It has also been the best gift I could give my family, especially my grandchildren, friends and coworkers. Only after using my new devices did I really realize now how much I was missing and how tiring hearing loss can be. It was mildly depressing to admit to and accept my hearing impairment but totally freeing after experiencing the benefits of improved hearing.

Ron and Jody at Quality Hearing Centre have been understanding, compassionate and very dedicated to making this transition for me as easy as possible. The service has been above and beyond my expectations and I am confident they will be there in the future for follow ups and service. My new hearing aids are not only comfortable to wear but unless I show them to people no one realizes that I have them. My only wish is that I would have discovered Quality Hearing Centre years ago. Thanks so much Jody & Ron

J. Janzen, Eston

As you remember when I first came in I was apprehensive about hearing aid companies, as I had a bad experience with one about 12-15 years ago.

But the reason for trying your service was when one of my sons said, ‘Dad, your grandchildren are trying to talk to you, and give up and walk away.’ That hurt, and I realized it wasn’t only my grandchildren I couldn’t understand but my wife also. So my son made the appointment with Quality Hearing Centre in Saskatoon. So to fast forward my testimonial, from day one Sept 25, 2009, I’ve worn my hearings aids 12-15 hours every day. You thoroughly examined me, took enough time, explained everything well. Your service is excellent. My hearing aids are comfortable. I can hear more clearly now. I’ve mentioned Quality Hearing to a lot of people, and many are seriously interested. I recommend Quality Hearing. Thank you very much Jody! A happy and well please client.

M. Eliason, Outlook

I recently purchased hearing aids from Quality Hearing Centre in Saskatoon. I am enjoying a better quality of life as I don’t have to keep asking people to repeat what they say and I don’t need to turn my radio or tv down for the ‘better hearing’ family members. The equipment and sound booth used to test my hearing was impressive, also the follow up service to adjust and care for your hearing aids was invaluable. I look forward to being well looked after with more of your ‘Quality’ services.

Pastor W. Long, Saskatoon

I had dreaded the day in which I needed to wear a hearing aid because I thought they were always big & ugly, squealing or making loud noises in one ear. My Starkey hearing aid is none of those preconceptions. It is small and hardly visible. It never squeals or produces loud noise in my ear, and is comfortable to wear. Most importantly it brings clarity to my hearing, especially constants that used to be confusing or garbled. Having 16 different areas of frequency that can be computer adjusted means it is set and tweaked precisely to my hearing uniqueness. With only one ear needing a hearing aid, it was as if my hearing went from mono in my right ear to stereo, from mono to surround sound. Clarity in hearing was worth the money! Besides, there is a 45 day risk free trial period! A very satisfied customer

S. Cory, Saskatoon

I chose Quality Hearing because of the friendly, courteous and professional manner in which I have always been treated. Ron and Jody are great people and always have a smile when I arrive. Being a smaller office the atmosphere is always friendly. Their professional advice and having quality hearings aids has improved my communication tremendously. I checked out other places as well but Quality Hearing offered the best beginning to end. The after sales service with weekly visits in the early weeks, to follow ups every 3-4 months, free batteries for 2 years, and cleaning and adjustments for the lifetime of the hearing aids. No other hearing aid place offered all this. I would definitely recommend anyone to Quality Hearing Centre.

A. Genest, Harris

Having one hearing aid already I knew I needed another as my hearing was getting worse. I heard about Quality Hearing on the radio and decided to give them a try. I was very pleased that I did. The staff is very friendly and professional. They are very concerned about their clients and the service is exceptional. I would recommend them highly to anyone needing hearing aids.

If you’ve recently had a positive experience at Quality Hearing Centre that you feel is worth sharing, we’d love to hear about it.