At Quality Hearing Centre we pride ourselves on taking the time required to listen to and understand our customers’ needs.

We Provide The Best Hearing Care Service in Saskatoon and North Battleford

During your visit with us we will:


  • We will listen to your thoughts on your hearing loss, how it affects your life, and what situations you would like to hear better in.


  • We schedule a two hour hearing evaluation. We allow for plenty of time to ensure that you are informed and educated.
  • We will examine your ears for any physical conditions that may be cause for medical referral.
  • By using the latest technology, we will perform an audiological evaluation using pure tones and speech stimulus to determine your hearing thresholds.


  • After a detailed explanation of the exam and the test results we will recommend the most appropriate course of action.
  • If hearing aids are recommended, we will show you different styles and determine which model of hearing aid is suitable for you.
  • We will answer any questions or concerns that you may have.


  • When you purchase your hearing aids, we schedule a full hour for the precise verification and delivery of your hearing aids. Using sophisticated technology we ensure that your hearing aids are set appropriately for your hearing loss and we balance that with your comfort. We also use this time to instruct you on basic care and use of your hearing aids.

Follow Up

  • We like to see you every week for the first few weeks to ensure that your hearing aids are working properly and sound good to you. With frequent visits we can make sure that everything is working the way it should.