What’s the Real Difference Between Digital and Analog Hearing Aids?


  • Old technology used in some of the first hearing aids
  • Amplifies all sounds even the undesirable sounds
  • Very limited setting available, usually 1 or 2 settings per hearing aid
  • Obsolete technology


  • Most recent technology, advancements still being made
  • Uses computer technology to process sounds
  • Superior sound quality and clarity
  • Amplifies specific frequencies instead of all frequencies
  • Ability to reduce unwanted sounds and background noise
  • Increased ability to fine tune
  • Setting are specific to an individuals hearing loss and their preferences
  • Ability to fit more components into smaller spaces
  • Directional microphones
  • Ability to focus more on the direction in which sounds originate from
  • Automatic or manual program switches
  • Automatic telecoil modes
  • Wider fitting ranges and more power for severe hearing losses
  • Bluetooth wireless adapters
  • Wireless connectivity to television, cell phones, and stereos