At Quality Hearing Centre with every hearing aid purchased we provide:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Free cleanings and adjustments for the life of the hearing aid
  • 3 years supply of free batteries, office repairs, and reshells
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty
  • 75 day trial period


At Quality Hearing Centre we strive to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction. We take the time to listen our customer’s needs and do a thorough evaluation. We do many frequent follow up visits to ensure that your hearing aids are providing the best listening experience possible. Our clients are always welcome to call us.


At Quality Hearing Centre we have made provisions with all of our manufacturers to offer our clients a 3 year warranty on most hearing aids.

75 Day Risk Free Trial Period

At any time during the trial period if you are not totally satisfied with your hearing aids, at your choosing, we will replace them, remake them, try a different product, or refund all your money.