Ron Villeneuve

Owner/Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

Ron Started his career working for Canadian National Railways and spent 17 years as a conductor, always maintaining an interest in computers and new technology. Ron found that although he prospered working for the railway he missed the personal touch of dealing with customers. After his wife started her career as a hearing instrument practitioner, Ron soon realized the hearing aid industry was on the verge of a breakthrough with technology and became very interested. Ron took a course through IHS in the United States and after passing that course Ron and Jody started their own business. When searching for names Ron stated, “I want to be like the Simpson Sears of hearing and provide a satisfaction guarantee”. Since starting their business the goal has always been customer satisfaction. Ron attains this by having a complete and thorough knowledge of the latest technology. Often Ron attends many different conventions and learning opportunities. Ron is very committed to his profession and in 2014 graduated the Hearing Instrument practitioner course with Distinction from Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton. Often Ron accepts and helps to mentor students finishing their education. Ron is a member of various professional associations and serves as vice president of SHIPS, acts as SK rep for CHIPS and sits on the board of directors for the Better Business Bureau. Quality Hearing Centre is licensed by the Ministry of Health and is also a member of the Better Business Bureau.